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RE:Part II - The Olympic Peninsula

OK, the scoop on the knot is that it was a loop knot - a modified clinch knot. I'm told it's pretty strong - about like the improved clinch.

The tippet was bought for Stripahs on the Cape (don't have the brandname handy). It was the same tippet (and knot) I used to perform the infamous Alec Jackson Release on the Thompson last year. Had a big hot hen into the shallows 5 times - the last time I was sure I'd got her and clamp down on the line so Dana can tail her. She didn't like the idea and turbo-boosted outta there, leaving me with a Straightened 2/0 AJ! I've also bent out several hooks on Skykomish Rocks, so it's pretty strong stuff.

The tippet wasn't seriously nicked/scuffed - I'm guessing that I (or the steelhead) just happened to find a weak link in that section. My question is whether or not this is more common with fluoro than with standard mono. I've also heard that fluoro is more brittle?

We should probably start this discussion up on the Saltwater board as well - a lot more are using fluoro there.
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