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Loop Evotec LW 8/11

Ah, Loop must be using some form of Jedi mind trick to lull ebay lurkers into a frenzied state of irresponsible fiscal euphoria.

I bought a Loop Evotec LW 8Eleven on ebay. I don't really need it, I just figured I could turn a profit on it. Between the fees for posting it as well as the % ebay takes of the final sales price I figured I'd throw it up here and see if there were any takers. If no one is interested I'll post it on ebay on Saturday night.

I paid $350 for it, including shipping. It retails for anywhere in the neighborhood of $495 - $510 depending on the fly shop. I'll settle for $350 + shipping so I at least break even. If you live nearby I'd be happy to meet you somewhere to drop it off.

Just think, for around $560 you could have a Loop spey rod with an Evotec reel.

I wish I could afford them both. The new kayak really put a dent in the funny money fund. I should start calling it the "noney money fund" these days.:hehe:
~Mark Doogue
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