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Personally, it's not for me.

I don't see anything wrong with fishing from your yak as long as you know your abilities and don't put yourself or anyone else in danger. By that I mean getting pulled into docks, moorings, channels or getting dumped in an area of high boat traffic.

I'm afraid with the increase in recreational kayak activity we are going to start hearing about people being hurt. People who don't pay attention to what is going on around them or fail to use common sense. (Something I am guilty of ocassionally)

Adrian, I use a 9' #4 to fish from my yak for trout & bass. I'd love someone to blast me for that. They obviously have never fished from a float tube!! As far as bigger fish go, what's the danger? Snapping your rod? If you can't land a fish without releasing line to ease the pressure on the tip of your fly rod, you probably shouldn't be fly rodding from a yak, or a boat, or the beach...

I'd love to try casting that 10 footer from a yak!

Can't wait to watch you blow by me on the water in that drag racing tarpon of yours!!

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