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Interesting topic and I tend to agree. The technique of bringing a fish to hand (or boat) in minimum amount of time is a function of both technique and equipment. For speedsters like bonefish and tunoids, a top notch drag is a major asset. Good technique will do more to avoid a prolonged fight than a powerful rod. This was explained to me a few years ago by Grant Hartman at Baja Anglers. The method of wearing down a big fish fast requires exerting maximum pressure on the tippet and this is achieved by literaly pointing the rod almost directly at the fish and pulling straight back. Once the rod is raised, the actual pressure on the tippet is drastically reduced. I know it sounds counterintuitive but thats the way they do it to marlin and sailfish down there. Grant has held some notable IGFA records including Roosterfish and Yellowfin tuna on 4lb tippets!

It takes practice to know just what 9 lbs of pressure feels like on a 10 lb tippet.

One way to figure it out and have some fun is having a friend hold a spring balance (or boga grip) to which you attach your leader. Peel of 20 or so yards of line and exert pressure through the rod. Tell your friend how much pressure you think your applying and have him tell you the actual result - you'll be very surprised! Try the direct pull and have him call out the readings as you approach breaking point - make sure your knots are perfect and wear eye protection just in case!
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