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Fly Rod Size on Bonefish Flats


Sorry for the late reply but work [yuck] has kept me off the boards.

Starting a new thread cuz the subject has changed.

Do you find it interesting that a lot of people think that rod size, 7 wt, vs. 10wt, is the limiting factor for landing big fish on the flats?

Iím no expert, but it seems to me that the size of the rod is the least important variable in the equation, especially on the flats. The rod provides lifting power, not stopping power. On the flats, the rod is primarily a shock absorber, not a lever. A properly used 7wt will safely land a 10# plus bone in the shallows.

The key element of the fight is the drag capability of the reel. The drag must fight the fish until heís ready to turn. The drag lets you control the fish so you can get him in for a healthy release while heís still fresh. By drag, I mean both the mechanical system and the anglerís palming skill.

A competent angler with a 7wt rod and high performance reel should be comfortable landing a big bonefish.

The real limit on rod size is wind. The rod provides power to throw the fly; the wind opposes the flys travel. The more wind and the bulkier the fly, then more rod is needed.

A calm day on the flats will allow you to land a big bone after a long cast in any direction. If itís blowing 15/20 a 10 wt will allow at least a short cast upwind. After the hookup, it all a matter of drag.

What do you think?

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