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Mike- I'll chip in with some warm water suggestions.

Bass: Crayfish, dragonflies, damselflies, frogs, minnows (shiners, chubs, dace, shad, smelt, madtoms, sculpins, gobies, perch, sunfish, juvenile bass), mice, eels, worms, snakes, leeches, large nymphs, helgrammites

Pike/Muskie: All of the above, plus whitefish, cusk, ciscoes, immature gamefish (i.e. freshly stocked trout fingerlings), and lemmings

Panfish: Typically any simple trout flies and miniature bass flies

Pickeral: Typically bass patterns and scaled down versions of pike/muskie flies

To all of the above, perhaps a category of attractor flies? The type that don't necessarily imitate anything but suggest many things in general or draw upon the predatory instincts of the fish to be caught.

Good luck with this project. Let me know if you'd like more detail, and if anything else comes to mind I'll add it.

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