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Freshwater Flies


I need your help. I am trying to put together some web pages related to fly tying (actually, it is for this site!). I find it very easy to define the various species of baitfish etc. that saltwater flies represent.

I am more of a saltwater fisherman and when I tie a fly I am aware of the intricacies of the creature that I am trying to imitate.

But when you freshwater guys tie various nymphs and dry flies and wet flies and terrestrials - what creatures are you most often trying to imitate?

Will some kind souls please brainstorm and just blurt out the critters that you are trying to imitate when you tie freshwater flies? Please!?! There are no bad answers here. Help me out.

For example, you might blurt out the following list:

caddis flies, stoneflies, shrimp, leeches, grasshoppers, mice, mayflies etc.

What are all of the stellhead fishermen out there trying to imitate with their flies? I know that you are fans of various nymphs and shrimp patterns but what else do you try to imitate when working on the bench.

Thanks for your help,

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