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Great White Shark - Top Water Seal Flies

Did any one catch the Discovery Channel on Sunday afternoon ?

They had a special on Great White Shark research in Africa off of a place called Seal Island where they come to feed on the large population of seals. The scientists would drag a decoy seal made out of plastic about 30 yards in back of the boat to induce the Great Whites to come up for them. Just like sail and marlin fishing a teaser fly of sorts.

Well these Great Whites came flying out of the water landing on the seal and attacking it. These were whites that weighed 1,000 to 2,000 pounds or more. Supposedly only place in the world whites will come out of the water to attack a target.

Imagine making a top water seal imitation fly ? I know its been a long winter and I need to get out soon. Oh well it would probably be the most exciting fly fishing we could hope for. Maybe it is not fly fishing ?

Quick call Larry Dahlberg and it could be his ultimate hunt for big fish adventure. This would be serious blue water fly fishing.

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