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Alaskan Amber in da cooler

LOL. Seriously, I don't drink at all while I'm fishing, or even while I'm floating. I start drinking when I get to the campsite/home afterwards. When I fish, no distractions.

ROFL, no Hal, I keep to my seat and run the oars while runinwhitewater. try to keep my mind on the water ahead. I fish once it slows down or if I pull off to the bank. Oh yeah, that cooler you see iis my seat/fishbox. Great to hold extra gear in too if you want it to stay dry. I prrefer either whitewater seats or cooler seats, especialy since I plan to do some good whitewatering with my boats. Normal folddown seats are ok, but you try to dig in on some hairy water and you can't pul back full stroke if seat back is in th way.

Hmmmm, I wonder how many PNW guys can guess that run? Say it this wayy, it' what th drift used to lok like about 5 years ago before river recut itself. Was aclass 3/4 then at water level the picture was taken, is only about a cllass 2 now. Say it this way, it's a boateater still to this day, thoug it has changed, not as turbulent today as it was back then.

You make it this way Hal, we'l load her up and hit the Rivers.
"Good angling ethic is not a monopoly practiced just by fly fisherman" - Bill McMillan
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