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At 14/15 I was too busy betwen getting the car I bought stret ready for when I turned 16, tying my own flies/making lures, and trying to get l..., ummm, getting to know girls personally.

I wish I had more fishiing pictures of my youth. Back then it was all catch and kep so was no biggie to take a picture, even on a big fish. Do have a picture of me around 12 years old with a nice 15lb stelhead caught on Xmas, only reason we had a picture at al was my grandma had her camera. Man, i I only knw now. I'd cut back on the car aand stockkd up on the girls, umm, I mean fly tying.

Welcome aboard you two. I post oon FishBC occasionally, but under same moniker. But VERY rarely.
"Good angling ethic is not a monopoly practiced just by fly fisherman" - Bill McMillan
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