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Originally posted by kcsmes
Sean: What is the Massachusetts award for? Were the fish caught in Massachusetts? 5 pound brookies and salmon in the same day? Sounds more like Labrador. Need a fishing buddy?
The award is for meeting the minimum requirements of the Massachusetts FW Sport Fishing program. And yes the fish were caught in MA.

Here's the link.

Sure we can fish together. Here's a picture to give you some perspective. That fish is laying next to my 9x9 saltwater outfit.

Unfortunately had I known about these records way back when I could have shattered the current state record for a Chain Pickeral x2. When I was about 10 caught one that was just shy of 40" and built like a tank. It wrapped around a 5 gallon pail 4 times and it's head still stuck out. After several days of watching it snag baby ducks I casted into it's lair and landed it on a daredevil. Oh well!

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