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Dumbell weights

Just my 2 cents, but I wouldn't worry too much about the appearance of the dumbell weights. I would go ahead and tie it clouser style. I usually bend the last 1/2 inch or the hook shank near the eye down (in the direction of the hook point, so it rides up while fishing) to help prevent it from hanging up. I am more of a believer in fly action and general imitation than exact imitation for warmwater fishing. The jigging action on the mud bottom may kick up some mud which might be an attraction. At any rate, any time you want to fish deep, the clouser style works well because you can effeciently cover the bottom with less hanging up. If the fish don't respond, I would try different materials again tied clouser style to see what kind of action they desire i.e.- try hackle tails like a deceiver or rabbit strip tails or to push more water an unweighted deer hair imitation with split shot on the leader. The main point of all of this being that imho the fish are going to desire a certain action with a general appearance of the bait fish and the action they desire and the size of the flies they desire may change throghout the season.
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