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Old 03-20-2002, 12:14 PM
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So, here's another safety oriented idea

Hopefully, everyone here's familiar with a kill switch lanyard. If not, it's simple - a kill switch lanyard, attached to a boat operator's wrist/beltloop/wherever, if the boat operator goes overboard, the lanyard jerks against a bayonet emergency switch so all the boat operator suffers (we hope) is embarrassment and quick return to the boat.

Why not connect a lanyard of some type to your PFD and 'yak, with a break-away connection similar to the lanyard on your tool necklace, so to inflate your PFD if you go overboard in water deep enough to warrant 'emergency' activation of your PFD inflator, but also to break away from the 'yak so you don't bob around connected - unless you want to.
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