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Arghhh! How do you AS fly tier's do it???

I love to tie flies. Depndding on my mood, Ii can tie up some really nice flies (depending on if I'm tying a hard fished fly or just a nice to look at fly). Hence my swap flies for the AS and Steelhead swaps were easy pattern to be fished hard without worry of losing.

Here's my frustration. Ii've always wanted to tie a nice hairwing AS fly. Sat down and put a design in my head and started to create it. Just something simple. GP crest for butt, silk body, some hackle aand guinea, a Amherst wing, and a gP crest overlay. Looked great all the way up to tehfinal touches of Amherst and GP crest. Fly crunched down. Mman, I retied that fly llike 8 times and finally gave up. SHEESH. It loked SOOOOOOOOO good with up to point of trying to get tthat last GP crest on. How do you guys do it???? I'd really love to see a full dressed salmon fly be tied. Ii spent a good solid 2 hours tying that fly (mind you it wasn't as technical as some of those AS flies) and was disapointed I cuoldn't get it to finalzation.

Ii have so much respect for you guys. I can tie up a wicked hairwing (ask Doublespey), but am iin awe over featherwing creaters. Hhats off to you all.
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