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June can be tough on the best laid fishing plans, what with weddings, graduations, etc. I intend to be down the Cape every weekend with obligatory day trips off Cape for graduation parties (no weddings in June as far as I know, one in May that conflicts with a casting clinic I'm signed up for but I think I got out of that one).

I think I've carved out one weekend (Fathers Day weekend) where I'm persona non-grata for anything but fishing. My idealized vision is to fish the tide out and in on certain bayside flats on June 15 (and probably 14TH and 16TH also) using the kayak for safe traverse. But who knows, with the warm winter maybe this area will be past prime and we'd end up at South Beach, Monomoy or something.

Anyhow, if anyone is interested, I can put a few people up. I'll be making a 3 day weekend of it and will land on the Cape that Thursday night. Their are a number of access points to the area I have in mind but still have to scope out.
Fred A.
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