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Old/repeat stuff here ...

But if you hit a good hobby shop that has gear for building model airplanes and a trop. fish store you'll find tube fly tying goodies out the wazanga. And a ton cheaper than buying (all-be-it's very good stuff, so no disrespect intended) 'pre-made' tube fly stuff.

Copper, Alm, brass tube, white plastic materials runs 65-75 cents for a foot long section. A tube cutter, reamer will run you about 6-7 bucks and last a life time, etc., and etc. The Trop. fish store will have several different sized clear plastic tubing for basic body material or to sections for hook holders. Lots of fun to play, and very inexpensive. Now if I could just get the hook thing down I'd be a head of the game.
Malcom, looking forward to the "carp" hooks.
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