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RE:Here Fishy, Fishy

Hey guys,

The infamous local river - the Vedder has recently received two "late" pushes of fish. The first about 3 weeks ago was felt to be the fish that normally arrive in late Feb. and another push just hit the river recently. This may have significance for other rivers - I hope so. This also presents a bit of a dilemma for me. To partake of a river with actual fish in it - I would have to go to the VEDDER...
There's only so much bait, bubbas and mouth-breathers a guy can stomach. The good news is that the Vedder goes fly-only in May, this can be great as long as the freshet is reasonable. We may need to to have an outing on the Vedder in May (man, that is still hard to even say!). Anyway, I hope some fish show in the Skagit/Sauk or Sky for Easter week-end as I still plan on bringing the Martini Bar down! Tight lines - tyler.
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