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There is no doubt in my mind that the fish was over 13 pounds; I just had no accurate way of measuring him since Reno was 300 yards away. It may have been my adrenalin, and much luck, that the fish came in quickly. He was green and hard to handle by myself.

I held the fishís nose on the stripping guide of my rod and his tail was beyond the butt. It was difficult to be precise. The girth measurement was more than 18 inches. Since this is the variable that is squared it is much more important significant.

I was trying to be conservative in my original post. The girth was closer to 20Ē yielding a sixteen-pound fish. I honestly believe thatís more accurate. However, I have no proof so it really doesnít matter. Iíll have to be satisfied with the biggest bone Iíve ever caught.

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