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No particular plans yet. No set dates. I'm thinking of a long weekend in June.

We just got back this past Sunday and we're already talking about arranging this trip. Figured that June would be good because the water wouldn't be too warm then and it'd be before hurricane season.

Master Harbour has a 4 bedroom cottage that rents for $350 a day.
We took some pictures of the 4 bedroom and we'll be posting it on the website soon.

The guides will pick us up each morning at the cottage at 8 a.m. and return at 4 p.m. Guides are $295 a day. Guides can arrange for box lunches for us each day.

The cottage is about 3 miles from restaurants and grocery stores. The owner of the cottages will give us a ride into town occasionally. Also one of the guides has an uncle who has a taxi service. He'll take good care of us also.

So if anyone's interested, we'll get to work and make start working on a plan.
By the way....we're not travel agents and we don't work on commissions. We just love bonefishin'!
It's always fun to meet people who have the same addiction.

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