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Ray, strangely I agree with all this apparent 'madness'...
Perhaps I might never tie such a "fly" but your point is profoundly true and this basis has been among my best weapons for stripers on the flats and one I rarely talk about. So I'll stop there. (c'mon I blab everything else!)

It came to me a different way. As a teen, I was inspired by a sumi-e artist who demonstrated that in this art form what is unpainted is as important as what it painted - somtimes more. I used to write C full time, and those who write code can relate that logic contructs diplay this simple elegance too. This lesson has extended into my writing and my thinking patterns, although I still tend to "overpaint" when I talk

In nature, as in the universe the unpainted is truly as important as the painted, and 99.9% of striper flies are waaaaay over painted. When you hold a silverside, grass shrimp, anchovy, squid, flounder, lady crab, or a live inshore sand eel in your hand, they know all about this because it means life or death.

At times the most alarming, contrasted, disruptive thing you can throw is the right fly. At other times you need to be one with the surroundings to trick the big smart bass. Before adapting such tactics I hated the dog days of July... now they are among my favorite times of the year for summer stripers.

Good topic Ray!
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