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I decided what I wanted before trying it out based on the questionable logic which goes something like this -

1) If I've never paddled before, how do I know what to look for

2) If something seems better than something else that's almost certainly because I'm doing something wrong.

I wanted a means of getting from A to B fast - actually fishing from the boat is secondary.

I chose SOT over SIS after reading a number of articles on hypothermia and winter paddling which make a very convincing case for SOTs given the requirement to dress for immersion whatever boat you're in. It's a lot easier to get back onto to a SOT. I may graduate to Eskimo rolling and a super-sleek cockpit boat in due course

I also wanted something I could enjoy paddling year-round to get into some sort of shape.

The WS Tarpon was a good fit and the reviews were very positive. The only drawback is the weight (60lb) but that's about the only downside.
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