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Question I'm soooo confused

Ok fellas. Here's the deal. After reading about all of the exploits of our yakers, I've decided to take a good hard look at buying one. The waters around home are very yakable. Besides, someone is gonna have to keep an eye on Adrian. I've gotten some advise from others. Such as do I want to gat there quick or do I want easy access. The answer is yes to both questions. I stopped by a shop the other day. Now comes the confusion. Sit inside or sit on top? Bulkhead or bag? Easy access or better tracking? Red or Blue? Paper or plastic?:eyecrazy: :eyecrazy: As you can see, I haven't got a clue! The one good thing is that I can go to this shop and "test drive" a few models. What do I look for on the water, besides the signs of fish working a school of bait? Any input would be a great help.

Kayakless in Konnektikut
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