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Here Fishy, Fishy

Floated the Sky yesterday with a friend. River was up to over 7' but still had 4' of visibility. This is in contrast to the 4.8' level when the the forum clave hit it. Overcast day too so I felt really confident we would hit fish.

We started at daylight and fished hard through Two Bit, Eagles Nest (fishes great at this volume), the backside of the big Island (ditto), the rocky Island, Jack Daniels, the Hershey Bar and Buck Island. Pulled out at 5:00 without any fish encounters. No fish hit and only heard of two being caught. A flyguy in a pontoon boat hit a fish at Thunderbird and some gear guys hit a 10# fish somewhere upriver. We ended up fishing across from guide Mike Kinney and a client for a while. They also went fishless.

I am staring to become discouraged with this fishing thing. Two weeks to go and the fishing has been <b> s-l-o-w !</b> I hope Doublespey is right and the fish are just late.

Keep the faith!
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