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Pete, very well said indeed. I do not want to get into a debate over what constitutes a true fly. I know that everyone would agree that the natural fur and feather flies are more aesthetically pleasing than a glob of glue on a hook. However, trout are opportunistic and will eat whatever is abundant at the time. I like to catch fish so I have become opportunistic as well. I would love to fish dry flies cast with a cane pole to rising fish in a spring creek but the reality is that that just cannot happen very often. I have adapted my fishing to the conditions around me and if a new pattern comes to me that closely imitates a trout's food I use it. By the way, I found the glue sticks at the fly shop. They are distrubuted by Hareline Dubbin. I found that if you heat the hook by touching it to the tip of the gun before squeezing out the glue, the egg sticks better to the hook. The sticks are opaque but when heated form an absolutely clear egg.

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