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Of Fur & Feathers

I can remember the debate with my Dad about what constitutes a fly. His view was that it is fur & feathers ONLY. So I asked him abouth the thread (nylon in those days).
And then we got into it about using synthetic's, like rubber legs on hoppers and the proverbial Bitch Creek Nymph.
Then it got really hot when I started using wire, like copper and exotic fibres like antron, would you believe.
But the best came when we got into full sink lines Vs. the traditional dry line....
That was almost 40 years ago when we started to actively debate the issue of What is Fly Fishing?..... What is a fly?
I guess the issue will never really go away. It is a great subject for reasoned debate and as long as it stays that way, everyone can learn from someone else's opinion. I still have and occasionaly use his split cane rod and treasure the memories of our debates and occasional arguments. I only wish he was still around, we could really go at it today with high modulus graphite, $1200 rods & reels, and more exotic tying materials.
For me, as long as the line is pulling and pushing the fly, not the fly pulling the line, it's fly fishing.
A Fly is any reasonable imitation of pescatorial food, and includes attractors that may not imitate food but serve to trigger the feeding or aggression response, tied, spun, twisted, wrapped etc. onto to a hook but not mechanically attached like to a swivel with a split ring. I only draw the line, pardon the pun, when it comes to attaching spinning blades and other such accoutrements, even if cast by the line. But I have no problems with people who do so.
Can we get an reasoned debate going?
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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