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Almost Time get down to business.
OK, let's see. We've had our Tying Claves, we've had our casting claves, we've had our Marlboro show, we've had our Wilmington show, we've had our new FF xmas gifts, we've had our fly swaps, we've had our endless debates about what fly does what in which current, we've had our rod building doodas. With the Wilmington show now behind us we can celebtrate the last of the great distractions. There's nothing left but the fishing season. No more mental gymnastics. No more hoping and waiting. We are a few weeks from our first cast. Some hearty souls are slipping out already to nearby sweetwater for a good March skunking or holdover sipping midges. Gentlemen, let the next few weeks be the quiet before the storm. Make her happy at home, finish up the honey-do lists. Be a sharing caring nuturing person that provides quality time...(oops getting lost) BECAUSE WE"RE GOING TO NEED ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD FOR THE SPRING RUN!!!

For openers, once the meat truck stops by, I'll be doing some casting on lunch hour in the Lexington Res. Join me. I'll let you know when it starts.

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