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Sight Fishing/Flats

At the show this weekend I attended a seminar on sight fishing for stripers on the flats. I was surprised to hear that the speaker indicated that he used full sinking lines. I have always used Teeney or Rio sinking lines or shooting heads for my fishing in Chatham , including the Monomoy flats,and have never changed my lines all summer. It has not caused any problems as far as I can tell. But I remember that most of the guys I know will use an intermediate line to fish the flats or even a floating line so as to not spook the fish.Did anybody hear the seminar and can any of the intermedate line guys comment yea or nay on the speakers approach ( and mine also I guess- you can see from this board that I am conspiciously missing from line discussions since I can't really add to the discussion- I Just use different grain shooting heads.)
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