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In Search of...

I am in dire need of some rooster cock tail...or atleast to know exactly what this stuff is.

I was shown a fly by one of the better fisherman on the Skagit and quickly reconized it as possible addition to my rotation as it is simple, quick to tie and looks productive for a couple differnt reasons.

The key to the fly is the hackle that is used.

When he showed me the fly, I guessed schlappen but he said that it was not schallapen and that it was actually "Rooster Cocktail" and that the shop that I worked out did not carry it.

I looked around and around for this material and could not find it on the web or in any of my catologs.

So on my day off last week I took a run over to Swede's, a flyshop that is well-known for having odd ball materials. They did not have it and when I asked the gentleman at the counter what "Rooster Cocktail" was, he pointed out the burnt Spey hackle.

Burnt spey hackle was not the material in the fly as it had a differnt length, differnt width and consistency within the fibers.

I showed him the fly (eventhough I promised I would not show a soul...but I was desperate and frustrated) and he said it was schlappen.

Upon closer inspection, the hackle fibers were a tad stiffer then your run of the mill schlappen.

So if anyone knows what this material is, please fill me in...

Thanks in advance!!
Ryan S. Petzold
aka Sparkey and/or Special
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