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Old 03-10-2002, 10:29 AM
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Pmflyfisher (me) has completed his swap flies. I changed patterns doing a new AS hairwing variation which I will try on the Great Lake summer run steelhead this year.

Basically its a hybrid between a Rusty Rat and a Cossboom in my favorite steehead color, irish green. Very appropriate with St. Patricks day upon us.

It is in honor of my irish business colleague, John Keohane, lost in the 9/11 WTC collapse, I have named it the "Keohane Special" .

Below is the writeup on John. Very special person, I told him last year I would tie some flies for him this winter, well here they are, I would give up all future fly fishing if I could just bring John back from this tragic event.

He was a truly special person which I will remember for the remainder of my life. He was to be in Chicago on the night of 9/11 for a three day attorney's meeting which of course was cancelled.
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