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My wife and I are going out to Cape Cod this July - into Logan! We are going to hook up with Juro and a number of board members - as well as a bunch of stripers! No bastards are going to keep me away!

Though this is our 25th Wedding Anniversary Trip - it is a fishing trip! We plan on spending 18 days between Boston, New York and the Cape (8 days at the Cape! At which time Doublespey will meet us as well). Admittedly, we did have some misgivings after 9-11, however, I feel that if you give in at all - the bastards win. We booked the trip and now all we're worried about is all the good times we're going to have!

To be fair though, I am a high school basketball coach and we did cancell our major trip - to Newport Beach CA over concerns brought on by 9-11. My schoolboard made the decision for us and at the time I didn't argue too much (this was in September}.
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