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Hey mitch,

Your episode with flats nature can get your blood going. Had it happen twice while fishing the flats on Maui. Once on a south swell had a 6 footer ride a wave in over the edge of the reef. To see it's silouette was a beautiful thing but being only 30 feet away made one stand at attention for a few minutes seeing it was about 300 feet to the beach. Never did see where it went after the wave broke. The other time was just before dark and was hoping to cast a fly to a Pepio as the tide was falling and the channel to the outside reef had good movement and plenty of bait spilling over the edge. What I got instead were 6 reef sharks all about 4 feet long that came cruising in from out side. They were swiming strait for me so I steped up on a corral head and they came right over to investigate the noise I'd made getting up on the head. They swam around me and were checking me out as I was them. Strange to have sharks looking right at you eye to eye. They left for the channel and just out of curiosity I made a splash with my foot and they came right back. Did this a couple more time with sucsess before they grew bored.
I knew they would not attacked but one still gets a rush of excitement being in such a place.
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