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those irish bluefins again...

Hi to all -

Remember there last November/October there was a lot of commotion about the bluefin tunas getting caught 300m from the coast in Ireland? (Biggest one set the new European Record of 968lbs)
Well here are more pics of the tuna fishing in Ireland and a bit of the story behind the capture. It seems a boat is still required(!) but they are nearly all getting caught breath takingly close to land (for a fly caster with an over active imagination...). There is even a map for a bit of perspective.

bluefin tuna fishing in ireland

It will be of some interest that one of the boats used a kite to 'dap' a bait over 'rising' tuna! The fish actually boiled to dapped mackerel and was on but then lost after a brief fight... Not quite swff but a strange parallel with dry fly fishing none the less!

Anyway I imagine that this season there may be some one (mad enough:eyecrazy: ) to try for these giants with a fly!

(and I have to say the posts above on St Paddy almost make me feel homesick!:hehe: )
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