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***New Fly Design***

There's been a myriad of contributions from some very talented fly tiers and shutterbugs here on this board lately.

Keeping up with the spirit of intuitiveness, I have spent copious amounts of time, developing a new series of fly patterns you might find helpful. I've also taken into consideration a post that appeared last week about taken photos. Seems that the best way to portray a fly is in its real life natural environment -water.

Here is a pic of my new Fluorocarbon Herring Spread Fly photographed underwater.

Flourcarbon Herring Spread Fly

As you know flourcarbon is expensive. This fly shouldn't be used on angry bluefish.

Tying sequence.

Varivas 1/0 Hook, mono thread, tie in small amounts of #40 flourcarbon about 6 inches long. Add several strands of Mirage blue flashabou. Several strands of gray Polarflash. Top off with a small bunch of #20 flourcarbon, than some #10 flourcarbon to finish the profile.
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