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Mac's a 100% on finding the rod's "spine" as the

major 'trick.' Get this wrong and you've got hell to pay. Some blanks come with a "dot" marked on the ferrels to show where they're to mate. If not you may want to ask a 'pro' to find the spine and mark it properly for you.

The wrapping board/stand is as simple as you can get, BUT get your self a bit of felt material and glue it to the "V" into which the rod section will rotate. This will keep you from scratching up the blank. Also makes a firmer base (non-slip) for spinning on the winding thread.

Been awhile since I've built a rod and the only part that's a pain in the butt is the "butt" section. Here, for your first rod you may want to round up a friend with a small laith (sp?) so the butt is slowly spinning when you take off the excess cork with sand paper. Or 'con' a professional builder to build the butt for you.

The guide wrapping part couldn't be easier ..... after you've done one or two guides. Piece of cake.
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