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Here's what I came up with. Sinks slowly and seems to ride properly in the water. Can't wait to test it!

3/0 bass bug hook, point up. White thread. Small bunch of hot orange Fluorofibre for "tail" (pectoral fins). The body is two strips of lead, one slightly shorter than the other, lashed to the bottom of the shank, then wrapped again with thread and coated with pearl fabric paint. I left about 3/4" between the body and the eye of the hook. I just felt like trying out the fabric paint. I'm not sure if I like it for this use. One drawback was having to wait for it to dry before I could tie the wing. If also doesn't seem durable enough for toothy fish. The next "prototype" has pearl ribbon for the body.

The wing is "hi tie" style with white Super Hair with a few strands of pearl Krystal Flash, then yellow SH, then olive SH with a few strands peacock Krystal Flash, then a few strands of black SH. I used markers to color the top of the head to match the wing and to make the black bars on the wings. I applied one thin coat of epoxy back just far enough to cover the location for the eyes. After it hardened I applied stick-on eyes and a second coat of epoxy just to cover eyes.

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