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Didn't mean to lump all commercials togehter as one. Most of the commercials I know are fine people and believe in conservation. As I've said many times before it's the middle man who creates the dangers in the fish industry and lets not even go to the Marine fisheries.
I come from a family of commercials, I grew up at the dinner table in New England listening to fishing, politics and the Red Soxs. As I washed dishes after a good meal of baked stuffed hadick and as I listen to the conversation about how the Russians, E germans and the Japs were destroying our fishing grounds I could actually see the lights of the factory ships 12 miles out through the kitchen window. Now when we got the 200 mile limit my family was happy and when we got low interest loans from Uncle Sam to modernize our fleet we were really happy. Guess what we did? The same damn thing the Russians did, over fish. Sorry Moonlight commercial fishing is just too good in this day and age as we fish now it's a killer only second to what the new age of fish farming is going to be.
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