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You have nothing to fear about rod-building. As to difficulty: here's something that you'll relate to as a fly-tyer: As you know, bigger flies, other things being equal, are easier to do than little ones. If Size 22 midges had as many parts as an Atlantic salmon fly, no one would attempt them. Well, building a rod is like tying a four-foot-long fly. It's big enough so that you can see all the components and steps, but not physically demanding, like building a wooden boat.
It's economical: building your own rod saves roughly half the cost of a factory version. And you can personalize it through your choice of guides, thread color, grip contour, etc.
I built my first few rods with no tools. Just run thread through a stack of books to give it just the right tension. But some kind of rack, or holder adds greatly to the convenience, since you can stop working whenever you want. Just a short board, with a pair of notch-top vertical supports at each end, is all you need.
The only problem with rod-building is trying to stop after the first one. But when you get to that point, I can provide you with a set of plausable excuses.
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