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I have quite a bit of Quabbin bronzeback experience from the days fishin' with my good buddy Brian Maraschiello. He's no longer with us, but fishes with me always in spirit.

We used to launch at Gate #8 for salmonids and Gate #42 for smallies. Our plan was to hit the warmwater fish on the way out to the narrows where lakers and salmon were supposed to be concentrated.

Of all the times we launched out of Gate #42 only once did we ever get past the warmer turbid waters where there are probably more smallmouth per square mile than anywhere else I've ever fished, even more than Winnepesaukee where we averaged 40 fish per angler in a weekend and some pushing 5 pounds. Average size in Quabbin was not as large as the Winni fish but abundance was incredible and there were a few good ones in the mix to boot.

Two methods worked for us - one was to wind drift over shoals, loaded with bass. The other was to work the shoreline, more fun but the fishing was better in morning and evening along the shore and better in open water during the day.

Use a sinking line for shoal work and a floating bug taper for shore work. Intermediate would work inopen water but you'd have to slow everything down.

Deceivers, crayfish patterns, leeches, bunnies, clousers, will all work.

I think I just talked myself into this!
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