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Rock-em Sauk-em

Floated the Sauk yesterday from the Suiattle River mouth down to the Native Hole. Beautiful day for a boat ride but less than ideal to fish. Weather was <b> sunny </b> and hot. River was holding up well though with the water level up a little over mean and the visibility at 4-5'. Pressure was light and there was a few small stoneflies coming off in the afternoon. (Sorry - trout fishing background coming out there)

My friend Steve had a good yank as he stripped in on the first run. No hookup though and that was the grand total of our fish encounters. I even invoked the magic of one of Juro's flies on an especially fishy piece of water but without tangible results.

Still it was a great day. Good food (Steve made his awesome foot long subs) good intellectual discussions (is a steelhead on a dryfly better than sex???) and a very pretty river.

Hope to make it back again before the season ends.
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