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We all act and react the way we feel comfortable to square green tomatoes that ripen in the box during shipment, chicken farms, veal, etc - but for me I don't feel that my personal boycott of farmed salmon will turn the tide. Sure I don't eat veal and haven't bought a drop of exxon product (that I know of) since Valdez) but you'd have to be an organic vegetarian to escape the agricultural nightmare. Life's too short.

Luckily there are still places where wild salmon can be caught and eaten with confidence. For 12 years I lived in the PNW and never bought a salmon, although I ate a lot of it.

Anyway, a massive boycott movement would have an impact, better yet government-backed regulatory controls on pen designs, effluent control, use of antibiotics and pesticides, and other rules to ensure that the damage being done today is held in check.

Furthermore we should make each escapee event fatal to the business entity. You spill, you're out of business. That would fast-forward pen designs to the point where they should have been at the inception of this booming business.

Statistics on raw (it's always raw) effluent release from a typical Maine salmon farm equals 40,000 humans (treated sewage). We need tight government controls that span states and are negotiated across the border. It's an international issue. This is one situation where free enterprise and lack of big government involvement is backfiring on both oceans and both hemispheres. It's important enough for a world summit - but it's highly unlikely that the people of the world will be nearly as concerned about the problem as you seem to be, Hal.

Sad state of affairs. Like you said, we talk up the problem already - any suggestions on what we do about it?
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