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Did a little more net research just to make sure there are no fish farm plans in Great lakes, thank god for our PCBs. Never thought I would say that, but it is now true.

Below are three recent news articles on the PNW salmon farm issue, situation is worse than I thought. BC now has 98 active fish farms, and government just gave go ahead for expansion of up to a possible 90 more !!!!

This is a major issue for all wild fish in PNW. I hope the conservation groups are all over this issue.

Canada appears to be one of the main countries along with Norway and Chile into commercial fish farms. Soon we will have to put Canada on the list of "Evil Fish Empires"

How big are the farms in Washington and Maine ? Doesn't matter the farm fish will stray into US waters as is now happening in Washington.

Not a good situation at all. Thats it I am not eating salmon in restaurants starting as of today. I do like salmon to so it hurts but there are more important issues.

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