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Yes I fished the Flatbrook also some, but in NJ I grew up learning FF on the Saddle, Ramapo (NY & NJ), Stony Creek (NY), Upper Hackensack (NJ) rivers. In it was all of the Catskill region streams.

Growing up in Northern NJ most of my fishing was in New York state Catskills though I would say and the NJ shore salt water.

In Midwest last 23 years, fishing is much better here in the Great Lakes states has everything NJ has except salt water, plus all of the salmon, steelhead, trout you would ever want. Plus the bass and walleye fishing is very good. Plus this is the home of the King of Fish, Muskys. If you want big water lake fishing we have the biggest freshwater lakes (oceans) in the world right here.

So there is much better diverse fishing here in the upper mid west
plus it is 365 days a year for trout and salmon. Very few rivers are completely closed for trout fishing, and only few prime nursery stretches of wild steelhead rivers are closed during spawning season.

Fishing life is good here, I may not trade it for anywhere else in the U.S. right now.

Well maybe for Florida warm weather and flats fishing etc... Now ten degrees out and snowing here.

Hope that the east and west coast anglers keep flying over us and don't bother fishing here.

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