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Question Help! My perch swims upside down!

Hi guys,

I tied a Clouser-style fly in a yellow perch pattern (using Super Hair) that looks pretty good but swims upside down! I tied it with extra material below the eye so that the eye would be closer to the top of the head, rather than down on the bottom of the fly, and the bouyancy from the extra material below the eye causes the fly to sink/swim upside down.

I'm trying to tie a perch pattern that will sit on the bottom with the nose angled down so that I can slowly drag/hop/swim it along the bottom. This is why I thought the Clouser style fly would work well -- nose down and hook point turned up to help avoid snags. But . . . perch eyes are not on the bottoms of their heads. In fact, their eyes are almost on the tops of their heads. So how can I accomplish this? Here are the options I can think of at the moment:

1) tie it as a normal Clouser and hope the fish don't notice that the eyes are in the wrong position.

2) tie a modified Clouser like I did with the upside down fly, but using a less bouyant material below the eye that will not cause the fly to swim upside down. (if so, what material would you recommend and how should I tie it?)

3) tie a normal Clouser but hide or disguise the weight and add stick-on eyes where I want them to be.

4) use a different method such as a keel hook (which would not really sit nose down) or a cone head (probably wouldn't ride with hook point up).

I wouldn't worry about it so much except that the eyes (actually the "eyebrows") are quite prominent on the perch in the river where I fish. Even when you can't really see the fish you can still see the "goggle eyes" on the tops of their heads.

Any suggestions/recommendations?

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