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Lightbulb zzThe Pillow and the Pinch

For all you "twisted" hackle spinners:

The first and utmost important item is to manage your hackle with just a single wrap ontop of the "PILLOW" , after you load all the hackle and the flash and don't forget to put the braid underneath the hook shank. Next step:you must not be faint of heart pinch the pilow,feel the pillow and pinch wrap on-top of the pillow then behind and bunch everything forward with your thumb and index finger and wrap your 6/0 UNI non waxed thread forward grabbing all the stems and bearing it all down onto the shank. TIP: When you start the wrap counter act the tourque from the forward wrap by twisting the pillow towards you . This will maintain it's position on the shank "FLAT "

Hope to see everyone at the WILMINTON Show see me at the Saltwater Edge and Kenney Abrames Booth:eyecrazy:
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