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No problem Dave, first the WS brochure propaganda:

"Phase-3 lets you fit the boat to your body, and re-fit without landing and exiting the boat. Raise and lower the seat-back height, recline, raise and lower the thigh support. Adjust on the fly to relieve fatigue or to snug yourself in for carving turns or rolling."

What does that all translate into in the real world? The seat seems to consist of three major components. There is the main foundation that is anchored to the inside hull. Your body contacts it at the hips and the very lower portion of your back. On top of this lies a padded seat that is hinged in the back. It can be tilted up and down, under you thighs, by shortening and lengthening two nylon straps that connect on either side, towards the front of the pad. The lumbar support can be raised and lowered vertically, as well as reclined, by pulling on a nylon rope that is locked into place with a barrel lock.

If that completely confuses you, click here to go to the Wilderness Systems page and then click on the green recliner in the lower right corner for a macromedia image.

And Pete.....I'm unaware if my license to transport massive amounts of alcohol has a marine clause. If so, you can bet I'll have plenty of "ballast" for the troops this summer. I think we are going to need a designated paddler?

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