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Only drink Old Milwaukee or Old Style when musky fishing in wisconsin, just like the Wisconsin Cheese Heads (locals). Lets not talk about that anymore.

Here is a current article on Pike fly fishing similar to musky, but musky are harder, they do not feed as much. If you are there when the bite is off forget it.

Need to fish weeds and cabbage beds, and sunken timber, or fish cribs. Underwater structure especially weeds and cabbage they will be around. Also cover a lot of water see the tips already given.

Could be a zipperlip secret Musky lake out there. Most people there fish salmon, steelhead, trout. Don't give out the name on the net is my advice.

Also look in the warm water section of the board for past pike and musky threads there were some in December with good links to web sites etc.

Good luck,


Will find my past thread on the Big Musky lost. Don't really want to think of that event again, one of those special ones it was.
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