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As the joke goes, Betty Ford's method of birth control was to give Gerry a stick of gum when they went to bed
I'm pretty single-focused myself, and was in (non-fishing) vacation mode the whole time, so i wasn't checking into things like fishing boat rental rates, etc. - our hunting was focused on food, wine, coffee, .., although i was practically drooling on the windows as we drove by all the rivers. We stopped and hiked around some at Englishman Falls, and i was scheming how Rekha and i could come back with the truck and camp on a river

The place where we stayed was It was really nice, and despite the image from the web site's home page, it was only a block out of town. The "Common Loaf" is probably the best place in town for good coffee, not to mention breakfast & lunch.

Tofino is absolutely beautiful, but i understand it gets really crowded in summer. We went out on a zodiac whale watch and saw all kinds of cool stuff - they put twin 225s on those boats and they do 60 - the guy driving it was responding well to all the whooping and hollering, and was running it pretty hard & launching us off the waves It was a little bit of a haul to get there from Seattle - we went up to Tswassen (just over the border) and took a ferry to Nanaimo, where we crashed around 1:00am, then drove up the island the next morning.
I have no idea if the ferry to Victoria from Anacortez would be a better route - if we go again, and i expect we will, i'll probably ask someone from Tofino for the true best route from Seattle. One thing to consider is that if you are trying to catch the last ferry out of Tswassen, factor in some time for getting through the border - we were lucky on this trip, but have had the car/bike searched a couple of times going into canada.
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