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No problem on the advice, I was and still am a musky fanatic, just need to find the time to start the pursuit again. Read my Chippewa Flowage musky story back in November. Will let you know what thread that is in. Have to look for it. That was defintiely in my top three fishing days.

PM stands for Pere Marquette (PM) , famous Michigan steelhead, trout, salmon river. Wild and Scenic river, holy water no kill, fly fishing only, world class fishing when you hit it at the right time. Ernest Schwiebert wrote in 1980s it was the only river in Ameriica that was instantly known among all fly fisherman by just two letters. That how it is today in the Mid West, say PM to fisherman and they all know what you are referring to. Now has an international reputation.

If anyone knows of another American river that has name recognition by just two letters, let me know.

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