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Cape Horn

Well, a combination of this darn warm weather and a jack-knifed truck on the expressway conspired to "nudge" me into buying a kayak today. I just had to wait out the worst of the traffic downtown so I dropped by one of the outfitter stores on Commonwealth Ave.

I wanted to check out the new Phase-3 seating in the Wilderness System kayaks. I've had my eye on the 15.5' Cape Horn model for a while now.

Anyway, of the 30 boats they had hanging from the ceiling, there were no Cape Horn 15's to be found. After inquiring about them, or the conpsicuous lack there of, the saleswoman emerged from the backroom with what I will henceforth be refering to as "my kayak" for the remainder of this post.

It was the boat, in the color that I was going to order(Granite Grey). What can I say, it was warm outside, the boat was exactly what I wanted, it had just come off the truck that morning, did I mention it was warm outside.........?

"Hi Honey, how was your day? Traffic? It wasn't as bad as they said it would be...........bought a kayak......was Sean on his best behavior today? What do you want to do for dinner? What? What did I just say? You mean.....It wasn't as bad as they said it would be? Oh, after that. I bought a kayak? Yeah, I'm serious, a big, fat Wilderness Systems kayak, "my kayak."

Lucky for me she is quick to forgive my fiscal indiscretions.

I pick up the yak this weekend. Spring can't come soon enough. Yippee!!!

Now, if I just had a paddle to make the damn thing go! :hehe:
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