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I lived in Kearney, near Newark, form '70 - '76. Used to fish the Raritan in central part of the state and the Flat Brook (I think that was what it was called) a FF only spot up in the NW corner. Used to go out of state to Up State NY and Vermont when I wanted to go primative (ha, ha, ha - yea right, primative!).

Did the Hopatcong (sp?) and other lakes for the pickerel and bass. Oh, and of course the Jersey shore for the fluke and bluefish.

The differences between there and here is like different planets. I like it here MUCH better (less crowded and Big mountains). Sure miss the bass in the lilly pads though - a poor mans minature tarpon. Just can't find that out here, although we do have bass, they are little bitty'uns.

Steven R
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